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A very different type of gift

When a really really special event happens in our lives, we often mark this with a gift. Yes, a card and chocolates will work, but sometimes an occasion is that big that you want to give a gift that has AMAZING written all over it. How many people do you know have had a piece of music composed for & dedicated to them and only them? A bespoke, handcrafted musical composition from ownatune will afford you some very special kudos. Can you imagine the reaction when you present an original, one of a kind piece of music, composed especially for that person? Let me tell you, it’s priceless and it gets pride of place in the home. If you’re looking for a very special and unique gift but also affordable, you’ve found it!

What you get

The gift is principally a personalised display which can be hung and displayed in the home, making it an instant hit as a family heirloom. The display, which contains your music notes as notation, is personalised by you (see below) and comes in 3 options which you can choose from. 

  1. Digital download (you print it out)
  2. Unframed Poster Print (I send print to you on high quality paper - you frame it) 
  3. Fully framed Poster Print which is the optimal and best presented option ready to hang :)

All orders also come with the following FREE add ons: 

  • Mp3 of the music
  • Full sheet notation (why not learn to play the song and impress everyone!!)

Originality guarantee

All music is composed by one of our very small team (3 of us!). Every piece is handcrafted and 100% original and made to order. These are not copied from any other source online and pasted, these are created on a one off basis for each customer. We only want the highest standard for you and so we take great care to create the very best original piece of music for you. We work pretty much full time on composition and love it! every piece is QA checked by Ciaran, lead composer to ensure every piece is created to the highest quality. 

👉  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you don't love your personalised gift - we will give you 100% of your money back no questions asked 👈

 You personalise

We don't just want this to be a gift that WE'VE created, we want YOUR INVOLVEMENT also!! 

  1. You decide on the design and approach 
  2. You pick a title and any other text for the music. 
  3. You can also include an image. 

You are also involved in the proofing process and will proof the gift before being sent/going to print. 

We remain 100% contactable throughout the purchase process so send any questions to us along the way :)

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