How It Works

How it works

With any gift from ownatune, you are getting a 100% original, bespoke, customised music, composed to the highest standard. 

You can choose between a digital format of your gift or a printed version.

With the digital format you are getting:

  • The high definition digital version of the personalised page of music you chose, which you can print or get printed yourself
  • The Mp3 of the actual composed piece
  • The full sheet music in digital format which can be printed out and which can be played


With the printed version you are getting: 

  • The personalised print of one page of the sheet music (framed or poster only) which can be hung on a wall etc
  • The Mp3 of the actual composed piece
  • The full sheet music in digital format which can be printed out and which can be played

Format choices

In ordering a piece of music from ownatune, you decide between 

  • Digital
  • Poster
  • Framed

All options are highly personalised and ready for printing (if you choose the digital format), framing by you (if you choose print) or ready to hang (if you choose the framed version).

Ordering A Gift

Ordering could not be more simple.

  • Just choose the design from the choices available. 
  • Choose a title
  • If you are looking to incorporate an image as part of the final solution, please do so by clicking the upload a photo button.
  • Checkout!


Within 24 hours of placing your order you will receive a proof of the visual design for you to validate. This proof will contain the design you chose, your title and photo (if applicable) but not the actual notation of your music as it will still be in the process of being composed. The notation displayed on the proof will therefore be a sample notation but will show the position of the final notation on the product. 

Please validate the proof or ask for revisions within 24 hours. 

Music creation

We are a small team of experienced and qualified composers. All of the music is created for each customer from scratch and is ‘to order’ so you know that you are getting an original piece of music each time. The music is composed within 5 days of the order coming through, it is then sent to our head composer Ciaran for quality control before being submitted to production.

Printing and delivery

We do all our printing on the highest quality paper using the best inks. The printing is done either in the USA, Europe, Canada or Australia.

We aim to have the physical print/frame with you within 8 to 10 business days of you making your order.

The best part - Shipping is completely FREE on orders over $100 / €85!


More Help

Please don't hesitate to drop us a message using the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen or through our contact form here