Travelling to Ireland post covid : the must visit places

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We’re all looking forward to travelling again once we can put Covid behind us. We’ve all got a place or 2 (or more!) on our bucket list and in this article I want to look in particular at travelling to Ireland post covid, what it might look like and the must visit places (and experiences) for when you get here. Based in Ireland, I’m seeing the plans and preparations for welcoming visitors back to Ireland. Hope you enjoy, please share, like, tag comment :)

Let's go west along the way...

First off, let’s go west, it’s where I grew up and where I have a special affinity. I grew up in Killala, northwest, so the obvious star point is the (@thewildatlanticway) the longest defined coastal route in the world which passes right through my home town! I’ve personally done various sections along the way and this is a nice way to do it. Obviously you’ll need a bicycle! 

Check (@cycloscope_globecycling) for a detailed look at the route, approaches etc if you want to do it yourself. There are a few bike rental sites with (@watlanticsports) being well stocked and good to go. 

If you want a guided tour check (@wilderness_ireland). 

In my home county of Mayo, there are so many, from the ceide fields to Westport town to Cong village. A great curated list of the best places to visit is (@ireland_before_you_die) 

The wandering quinn ( a blog we love here at ownatune) has a great account of her top places on the Irish west coast, worthy of a read! (@thewanderingquinn). 

Galway has to get a mention here, it’s the most visited city on the west and always a highlight. We loved the account from the guys (@handluggageonly) 

Travelling to Ireland post covid - The East Coast

On the east coast, you have so much choice. The obvious one is the ancient east (@irelandsancienteast). Dublin of course is always a big draw and there is always plenty to do and see. From temple bar to the Irish leprechaun museum, Guinness storehouse to Croke park, there is something for the family. Check this post by the (@blondeabroad). 

Travelling to Ireland post covid - Ireland’s south coast

This includes a famous starwars attraction (Skellig Michael), the south coast is a real jewel and has some of the most beautiful coastline. With cork and Kerry you have 2 of the biggest counties (geographically speaking) and all along the south coast, there is so much to do, see and of course eat, with fresh fish a speciality. Rick Steve’s account of his travels along Ireland’s south coast is one worth bookmarking (@ricksteveseurope) as you plan your route here. 

Travelling to Ireland post covid - Northern Ireland

I really only got to travel here for the first time about 5 years ago when my French parent’s in law visited. It was so good, we went back again just ourselves as a family the following year to finish the route we had started. The coastline is jaw droppingly good. Fans of game of thrones take note, this is a big one for you!! Even if you’re not a GOT fan, the northern irish coastline is something else. We did east to west, of course it doesn’t really matter which way you do it. Highlights were carrack-a-rede rope bridge (not for the faint hearted!) (@discoverni). Giants causeway, Belfast City and Dun Luce castle. Some good reading here (@whereistarablog) and (@justinpluslauren) 

So you’ve only got one week? 

It’s not a huge country and in one week you really can achieve a huge amount. It depends on if you have a car or how you are travelling around. You’ll need to try hit all 4 provinces so it will be a good bit of in the car time. Also, this can be a wet country so cramming too  much in where some of it is weather dependent may be a big ask. We really liked as a cool way to really use the time well and to be efficient if you only have a week in Ireland! (@heleneinbetween) 

The best Irish gift to remember your trip

You will take lots of photos, and have lots of videos. You will have, no doubt, heard lots of fantastic music along your travels, the pubs, the sessions, the Guinness, the craic. How do you combine all of this into one beautiful memory. 

Here at (@ownatune) we create handcrafted pieces of Irish music as bespoke and special gift pieces to help you celebrate and remember your trip to Ireland forever. You get the mp3 music of course, but more than that, you get a special, personalised art piece that you can hang on your wall which can include an image from your trip.

Image of gift from celebrating a trip to Ireland

You don’t have to be musical to appreciate how cool and special this is. Every time you look at it you will remember your trip, your experience and all the good things that you experienced in Ireland. Slainte!!

Other great resources to help inform you if you’re travelling to Ireland post covid. (@tourismireland) (@discoverireland) @nomadicmatt @shershegoes (@thetravelhack)