The top 5 gift ideas for a newborn baby in 2021

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So you’re looking for ideas for gifts for a newborn baby There is so much out there and so much choice, which is good but also not so good if, like me, you don’t have the time or interest in scrolling through pages and pages. In this article, we look at some cool gifts that we think are interesting and at the very least will give you some ideas on where you might jump off next to. We’ve been to this particular well a few times with our own children, children in our own family and of course friends, where are all these babies coming from! Hope you enjoy the suggestions. I’ve included links and insta follows for you to see more information. 

Baby hand / foot casts

Popular as gifts for a newborn baby, we had this done with our first child and it still sits proudly here in our home as a cherished gift. It’s basically taking a cast of your child’s foot/hand and this permanent print is a unique keepsake (they grow up so fast you’ll hear everyone saying!!) I can’t remember who we ordered from but (@wrightsonandplatt) is a provider that I found that does this. If you feel like giving this a go yourself completely DIY, check out (@sheknows) would be a cool project!! 

Breast milk jewellery

This is another one that we bought and still cherish! It is a piece of jewellery created around your breast milk held safely in a vial. I’m probably not explaining it very well but check out (@breastmilkjewelry) for what this is and how cool and unique it is as a gift!!

Tinkle Crinkle

The guys at (@gottagettagund) do really cool gifts and are mainly cuddly toys. We loved the ‘tinkle crinkle caterpillar’ as it brings in elements of discovery learning and sensory development which is a big tick in our box. We are big fans of these types of gifts and love to give them!

A gift box - a really nice gift box!

We’re all used to gift boxes and as a concept they are not big. Being in existence for so long, they have had time to settle and the really good ones now rise to the top. As baby gift ideas, we loved (@shophoneybug) as a really cool gift gift box. There is so much convenience to just having a box sent to someone with the ideal gift in there already, clothes, toys etc. (@my1styears) is another supplier in this space and they do some really cute boxes! 

A piece of specially composed music

Image of a framed music gift from for newborn babies

How special would it be to have a piece of music composed as a gift for that special newborn in your life? This is a timeless heirloom that is a very special and unique way to welcome a new baby to the world. This is what we do at You get 

  • A piece of art which is personalised and this is hung on a wall. 
  • The actual Mp3 music
  • The full sheet music - a lovely project for the child to grow up and learn to play it into the future! 

We are a team of 3 composers working full time and we love getting the reaction that we get!!

With our sale on now, our prices are starting at $34.80 for a 100% handcrafted piece of art - there is also FREE DELIVERY! It’s a win win for you!! Check out for our complete range.


Hope you enjoyed guys! Tag, re-post etc :)