In remembrance gifts - 5 thoughtful gift ideas

If you are looking for a gift or something appropriate to give as an in remembrance /  in memoriam / Bereavement gift or token, it is for obvious reasons a very sensitive area and a sensitive time. There are of course certain religious gifts that you can give which would depend on your beliefs and the beliefs of the recipient, however this article won’t cover religion and religious gifts and there are plenty of online places that you could base your research on in this regard. I will focus here on non-religious gifts which I believe are special and meaningful. Below are my personal top 5 with weblinks and instagram handles. 

Plant a tree

This is a lovely concept that is quirky, unique but so meaningful. Very simple, you pay for a tree to be planted in memory of a loved one. With many of the providers, you get a plaque or something that you can hang up in memory of the tree and the person that it is dedicated to. I really love this one! There are a few providers out there, one i liked in particular was (@thepresenttree). 

Remembrance jewelry

This is a big area and memorial or remembrance jewelry is a popular gift type. When researching this I divided the gift types into 2 main parts

  1. Mass produced (didn’t intend the play on words - honest!) I won’t cover these, a quick Google will show you what I mean.
  2. Highly personalised (this is my favourite - when it comes to a loved on, it has to be bespoke and unique for me). 

In terms of personalised jewelry keepsakes, there are a few out there that really ticked the box for me. (@themilkymudra) hand makes jewelry and in the case of remembrance gifts, uses ash from a cremation. This wowed me as the produce is top drawer and impressive. (@spiritpieces) is another nice site with lovely, unique pieces and a different take on things around gifts, nice site and layout. 

Another lovely site featuring handmade jewelry is (@miraclememorial) 

Unique piece of remembrance art

When I saw the art created by (@willowtreebysusanlordi) I was so impressed! What absolutely cool and unique art this is. Powerful and meaningful. This is a beautiful keepsake concept that most definitely ticks the ‘unique’ box for me. Every piece is handcrafted and the artist herself, Susan does regular live streams where you can meet her. Who else does this? So nice. 

Sympathy soup

Yep,  you read it right!! Sympathy soup is a cool concept that is working very well for the guys at (@spoonfulofcomfort). So this is a lovely soup box that has ready to eat soup with extras. It is such a lovely gift, different and i’m sure well received from the recipient - the reviews say so anyways!! They of course do other things which may also tickle your fancy as a nice and meaningful remembrance gift. 

Piece of music composed for a loved one

At (@ownatune), we compose handcrafted pieces of music as a dedication to a loved one. These pieces are unique, bespoke and personalised.

Image shows example of gift from as an in remembrance gift

They make for a lovely wall mounted keepsake and you can include things like a star map of the day that they were born for example - you don’t have to play music to appreciate this. You also get the mp3 of the tune and you get the sheet music if you wanted to learn the music or there was a  family member who might like to play it, so many options.


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