Finding the best husband birthday gift

Finding the best husband birthday gift can actually be a more time consuming exercise that you might think! You’ve probably bought him all the ‘good ones’ and coming up with something special could take time!! That’s where this post comes in! We aim to present you with some cool ideas for the best husband birthday gift so that you come out looking good on the big day!! 

Unique experience

A unique experience is always a popular husband birthday gift. This could be a cool restaurant, it could be drive a ferrari, it could be piloting a small airplane, whiskey appreciation, flyboarding, hot air balloon ride….so much to chose from on this score! Check out the likes of

Get taught by the masters

Education as a gift idea has exploded in 2021 and we expect this to continue into 2022. We don’t mean the boring high school or college education (this wouldn’t be a very good gift idea!!) but we mean actual cool courses! Imagine being taught cooking by Gordon Ramsey, skateboarding with Tony Hawke etc..well those are all on offer from the guys at as a best husband birthday gift. If your husband is someone who likes to geek out a little more than that and is someone who likes to learn new skills, the likes of is a great place to look for cost effective courses, available on demand with no limit on how often you can watch it. 


Is shaving coming back? Well, an affordable and valued grooming gift is the likes of (@harrys on insta) which does high quality razor blades at a good price. They are available in the US, Canada and the UK. 

Something from (@groominglounge on insta) is a good follow up post shave! They’ve lots of really cool grooming goods on there. You just know it smells great!!!!

A nice oil that we’ve tried for beards is which you can find in lots of places online. Very cool smell and feel, not overly oily which is perfectly fine with me!! Check them on insta also, @captainfawcett 

Long lasting best husband birthday gift

A lot of the above are quick fixes, buy, consume, done. If you’re looking for something a little more lasting let’s look at those now. 

    1. have a really cool service where you can get a celebrity shout out! This is a little on the high end (depends on the ‘celeb’) but a really cool result!! @cameo 
    2. Cool slim wallet. The classic is difficult to beat. Check the likes of and @bellroy 
    3. Subscription to a tv service eg Disneyplus is always a great and valued gift. Also in this category is a sports channel subscription, spotify etc. 
    4. Electronic gift. There are so many different categories and choices here. We could have gone anywhere on this, but we went for a car theme and driving. If, like me (until recently!), you don’t already have a dashboard camera, you’ll probably be able to recount many times where this would’ve been something that would’ve come in useful at times as you were driving. (@aukeyofficial) is one of the coolest ones that we’ve seen online and the reviews are great. 
    5. For the security conscious, protecting the wifi is a big issue, the guys at @augusthomeinc have it right. Secure and good price point. 
    6. Gimbals for smartphones are becoming popular. We personally bought the and love it and strongly recommend it as a gift for him!!! @djiglobal 
    7. Aftershave subscription box. This is a cool one if you want to buy aftershave but just don’t know which one to get! (@scentbird) is a very reputable supplier and very affordable. 

Have a piece of music composed especially for him

How special do you think your husband would feel if you said that you had a piece of music written and dedicated especially for him? Pretty darn special is the answer!!! Here at (@ownatune) this is what we do.

Image shows gift sample as a husband gift from

Our expert composers create bespoke pieces of music for each customer. These pieces of music become art pieces to be hung up becoming an instant heirloom - you don’t have to be able to play music to appreciate how cool and unique this is. Also included is the mp3 and the complete sheet music should you wish to learn to play it (you don’t have to  but we thought it’s better to have the choice!) Starting at $33 (sale price) for a handcrafted piece of music, this is also seriously affordable!