Finding a unique anniversary gift in 2021

An anniversary is a special occasion that you can enjoy on an annual basis and is outside of the traditional occasions. It’s so unique as it is completely designed by you - you chose the date! Some milestones are bigger than others and are marked accordingly, but for most people, they celebrate an anniversary in their own unique and personal way. Most people do like to think about how they want to mark this big day and do so with a unique anniversary gift, more on this in a moment!

Types of anniversaries and what is offered as a unique anniversary gift

When we talk about anniversaires we’re talking about how long people have spent together, whether they are married or not. 

The more common anniversary gifts

1ST YEAR: Paper

2ND YEAR: Cotton

3RD YEAR: Leather

4TH YEAR: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk

5TH YEAR: Wood

6TH YEAR: Iron / Candy

7TH YEAR: Wool/ Copper

8TH YEAR: Bronze

9TH YEAR: Pottery

10TH YEAR: Tin/ Aluminum

11TH YEAR: Steel

12TH YEAR: Silk

13TH YEAR: Lace

14TH YEAR: Ivory

15TH YEAR: Crystal

20TH YEAR: China

25TH YEAR: Silver

30TH YEAR: Pearl

35TH YEAR: Coral

40TH YEAR: Ruby

45TH YEAR: Sapphire

50TH YEAR: Gold

55TH YEAR: Emerald

60TH YEAR: Diamond

Check out (@hallmark) for more information on each one. 

There are a few interesting ones on there!! Anyone know where to get some Coral? Of course, it does get more interesting as you get older. The big ones are coming in from the 25th and continuing on.

So do people stick with this? Well, not really, it’s one of these ‘traditions’ that slowly and over time has come a little unstuck certainly with younger people. That said, there are still plenty of offerings out there on all of the above!!

A road trip

A lot of couples like to mark an anniversary by going somewhere special or going on a trip/holiday. One cool gift idea is that if they are travelling somewhere, you could buy a voucher for a restaurant that is in the town/area that they are going. They have the flexibility of choosing the night and can look forward to it! It’s a gift that will really be top of mind for the couple! Building on this would be a big trip to do together. If you’re going on one of these (speaking from experience here..) you will need to be really well planned and have some good equipment. Some good ideas that could be part of the gift experience might include: 

  1. The wakawaka solar bank/light (@wakawakalight) we had a couple of sticky situations where we really could have done with a reliable source here when batteries were low. A good solution. 
  2. If you’re like me and you tend not to plan too far ahead re. The phone charging situation, you might want to plan a little for a big trip. The Ankar range of power banks and chargers are getting great kudos online (@anker_official). I’d be putting one of these in my bag. 
  3. A good dashcam is essential on a trip like this! There are a lot out there, we like the range on (@thinkwaredashcam) which would more than do the job for a big trip. 

Something engraved

Pieces of jewellery are always nice as a unique anniversary gift. A site we like is  (@jaredthegalleriaofjewelry) Another take is to have something engraved and personalised for both people is highly unique and special eg from (@thomassabo) 

Something funny!

It can’t be all serious!! The guys at (@sendacake) are one of a number of ‘surprise’ gift providers. Be sure to have the camera ready to record the reaction!! 

Something Luxurious

If you’re looking for something on the luxury side of things as a unique anniversary gift, there are many good solutions and providers out there. Some of the online solutions we liked for clothes, jewelry, beauty, shoes etc would be (@neimanmarcus) or (@olivela). 

Have a piece of music composed especially for the couple

Hands up who has ever had a piece of music composed for them? Yes I thought that! one!! Well, not many! Why not? Well because most people would believe that this is something reserved for royalty and that standard but you would be wrong! When it comes to unique gifts, we at (@ownatune) compose unique pieces of music as anniversary gifts. So we sit down, come up with the music for the recipient and them only. Best of all as the purchaser you get to personalise it and put your stamp on it! So what do the couple get? The main part of the gift is a piece of wall art. This is framed and hung and is an instant family heirloom! You don’t have to be musical to appreciate how this looks as a visually appealing piece of art. You also get the Mp3 so the couple will have the music to listen to. Finally, you get the full music notation so if you wanted to learn to play it into the future, you can - a lot of couples take this on as a joint project! 

If you have a look at you will see all the display options which include a print it yourself digital version, a poster print sent to you so you can frame it or a finished framed version - all you do is hand it over and get serious kudos for a job well done and a great gift presented!


That's it guys, hope you enjoyed the short post! If you know anyone with an upcoming anniversary why not tag them below!! :)